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Fall 2022 Realestate market update

By Rocky 2022

Realestate Market

Covid recap

Past 2 years we have seen the wildest market swings in the real estate history. The initial dip in equities as lock down froze the market early 2020 was quickly turned into a buying frenzy in late 2020 as easy money policy and the demand for larger square footage and an inflation hedge drove buyers to fight over dwindling inventory; often bidding 6 figures over market value.

Construction delays and rising prices was to be expected as underpriced listings received a hundred offers.

The seller's market lasted until early 2022 as out of control inflation forced the federal reserve to raise interest rates. Combined with prices around 40% higher than pre-covid levels, mortgages became dramatically less affordable.

The new normal

What is to come?

What to look for...

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