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Providing Everything You Need


Buying Your New Home

Whether you are a first time buyer or ‘definitely’ moving for the last time, having an experienced agent will alleviate a lot of stress and help avoid a lot of mistakes.


Not only will we help you find the perfect home based on our decade of local knowledge, we will also keep you informed about future changes that could effect your home value years into the future.


Everything from negotiations with the seller to ordering inspections and contractors for repairs and renovations, we will ensure a smooth closing and move-in to your dream home.

When you need future services for your home anywhere from repairs to property tax appeals and renovation suggestions, we will quickly come to your side and offer our dozens of reliable vendors to give you a piece of mind.


Selling Your Home

Listing your home in 2020 means taking advantage of all the technology available to us in the 21st century as well as the true and tested principles of professionalism and southern hospitality.

Our multicultural and multigenerational team will use our assortment of hardware and software such as drone photography, Lightroom editing, and 3D open house, to make your listing standout and attract the most buyers for the highest value.

Timing can be so important for your listing, and we will host open houses and offer the best renovation plans to ensure your home is sold in a timely manner so you can happily move on to your new life.

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Your Property Investments

We help many investors who have purchased roughly 100 homes in metro Atlanta that we help manage. Investors with us has experienced an average net rental income of roughly 5-8% yearly as well as a 3-10% asset appreciation yearly.

Our rental units are usually single family homes both detached and attached townhomes in very good school districts attracting high quality renters. The price range of our best rentals are currently 250k-500k.

You can always take out a loan with a 3% interest rate and let the renter pay your mortgage!
We will do everything from listing the home for rent, to screening tenants, to drafting and organizing contracts and files to managing interior and exterior maintenance of your investment home. We advice you in making the decisions for your investment home and do the hard work that you wouldn’t want to do!

If our investment profile looks like something you are interested in, give us a call and ask about good investment options we currently have!

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