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Finding a home in the safest cities in Georgia

Rocky Feb 2023

Even when rising crime doesn't directly affect you, they still change the city and your life

in indirect ways. Store thefts causes store closures and/or increased prices. Break-ins and riot destruction resulting in insurance claims leads to increa

sed insurance premium for the whole zip code.

This new moneygeeks research article analyzed 660 US small cities and towns to inform us about the cost of crime into residents to show you the indirect monetary cost that crimes are eating into your wallet via taxes and insurance etc.

  • Small cities and towns have 42% lower crime costs than larger cities.

  • The cost of crime in small cities decreased by 5% from 2020 to 2021, while the cost in larger cities (100,000+ residents) increased by 6%.


Below are our description of the safest cities in Georgia from decades of experience and a few bonus off market listings.

29. Peachtree City

Having grown up in the well to do delta pilot retirement haven of Peachtree City where residents never locked their homes or cars, it is no surprise it ranked the safest in the state. The appeal of Peachtree City comes from the proximity to the airport and the unique golf cart paths that connects residents with multiple golf courses 2 highly ranked highschools and groceries. No doubt these advantages has attracted the filming industry to grow rapidly in the nearby Senoia and trilith studio.

Realestate in Peachtree city ranges from 300k for a 1200sqft ranch to 2million dollar mansions in gated country club communities.

You are most likely going to find older dated but well maintained homes with about an acre of land in Peachtree City.

Beware of the railroad and the school zones in north Peachtree City.

36. Milton

70. Johns Creek

79. Canton

<<<Off Market Pocket Listings>>>

Milton street side Townhome $550k currently renting for $3000/m

3b3b 1862 sqft

Like new townhome located in the safe and desirable milton area. The simple low maintenance modern townhouse is full of life and potential.

St Marlo Country Club mansion with private pool and golf range view $2.8m

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